Cat Co-Therapists

My three cats help me to provide a welcoming and calming environment for my clients.

Lily (cat on left) is the youngest, friendliest and most playful. Like most cats, she naps a lot, but she won’t mind waking up at any time to play with you or be petted. Ask about her special trick.

Maggie (cat on right) is also very friendly. She’s usually up for playing and petting, and always up for a treat. I’ve started letting her go outside in recent years because she was getting very overweight. Now she keeps a relatively trim figure because she’s getting lots of exercise. A lesson for us all!

Sterman (left) is named after the founder of neurofeedback, Barry Sterman, PhD, who told me he was honored and touched to have a cat named after him. Dr. Sterman’s first neurofeedback research study was with cats. Sterman is an indoor/outdoor cat. He gets to go out because he howls incessantly if I don’t let him out when he wants, If he sees you when he is outside, he will most likely roll over for a belly rub. He has a history of juvenile delinquency, which I’ll tell you about some time. When he’s home, he’ll pat you on the arm with his paw so you’ll pet him.

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